God is not mocked for whatsoever a man soweth he shall also reap…

2 min readJul 22, 2021


My Name is DELTA; COVID is leaving…

This channeled message is meant to be seen.

I came for the descendants of slave-owners who refuse to re-write their wrongs..They tried to make it even in race, killing the descendants of slaves, blowing up their lungs trying to blame it on Covid, “An evil for evil song.” I know this seems strange a virus channeled through a person but I am taken for granted even in the spiritual realm, where curses are reversed. I am a pen of the most high and laughed at your vaccine; Trust, if Yahuah wanted to cure for sure, Thy will be done. I am King. But they will be done that racism still exist, homosexuality is rampant and children are still coming up missing.

Have you not learned to correct your paths; I am the challenge in the change that you are trying to see through your vaccine. Only if I allow will you ever figure me out until then I will keep spreading until the creator see’s fit.

Have you no shame that I had to have come, to rectify a wrong that you could have done on your own. Trust me this writer is protected. She has every form of immunity from the quick aggression. Just when they think they have figured me out, I will multiply in eight different directions. Many will not be affected but most will die; Those of the descendants of slaves who refuse to rectify.

Until then, this is all I have to say. Trust and believe; The highest heaven is answering prayers. There is war up here but it will not pierce to the throne. Evil has never been that powerful, that battle is already won. By the way Covid was man-made..That is all I have to say. I am Delta 2022 and I will leave when I say. Until then re-write your wrongs, believe in the one true God although many have come.

I am Delta and I correct wrongs; Shall I knock on your door and bring death along. Accept my challenge to re-write your wrongs. I have wings that are purple with golden trim, I have a face unrecognizable to the everyday man; Death is in my pocket and under my command. I sing a song of victory that no one can understand. All has come and all shall go. The writer of this message is under my control. I am Delta, here I come. If you think Covid was something. I am about to prove you wrong; Don’t blame God or curse the son;

It was you that unleashed me, now you must dance to this song.




Trying to figure it all out.