O.K., Did the Secret Service just deliver my UBER Eats?

5 min readAug 29, 2021


A woman was scheduled to deliver my food but the, Man in Black, showed up.

At 1:45pm, today, I was alarmed as I opened my hotel door. I felt like my eyes and face were being scanned as I immediately attempted to avoid looking at the man that knocked on the door; When he should have just sat the items down in front of the door like the Breakfast delivery Uber eats people did, earlier that morning.

I felt something was not right. He immediately scanned the space between the crack of the door that I opened just enough for my hand and items to pull through. I did not trust him and tossed that delicious peach cobbler and strawberry crumb cake with the tropical custom drink in the trash. My first thought was poison.

Had I not paid attention to the picture on the phone, I would have eaten those items, not realizing that a lady whose name began with a Y, was supposed to deliver the food and was, on her way.

So why was a man in black delivering my food? No, not a black man. He had an odd French marries Russian accent, young and 5'10. And why was he wearing those men in black shades? Yesterday i walked through the Westfield Century Center Mall and I noticed the same type of man walking along side me as well as one standing on the second floor looking down into the creative yard eyeing me as I walked. I unnoticeably, flipped him off. I was born with supernatural spy detectors. I knew something was not right but the part about secret service did not ring a bell until the Uber Eats guy delivered my snack.

Uber Eats verified that the delivery person should match the photo and refunded my money, immediately. I re-ordered the same thing, expecting a different result. I can hear the elevator slam shut as someone excited it and I also heard a few doors open and close, not just one door but about 3 down the hall. This hotel is so quiet.

So how would an Uber Eats person be stopped. They get off of the elevator and are confronted by the fake badge. Forced into a room. The food is taken and the next person comes out of the next alerted room to proceed as the Uber Eats person, while the 3rd is on the lookout.

The second delivery guy arrived and the sounds were almost identical in the hallway. He came with the same order wanted me to open the door as well, he could of just sat it down as the first two Uber Eats couriers did this morning. I asked him to sit it down. The guy who looked like Nate from Leverage, held his head down as he spoke and informed me that there is already an order in front of the door. I did not respond. He sat the order outside the door and left.

Now normally, I would never eat food that has been sat on the ground but the hotel actually sanitizing the door-post areas and very well. I noticed I never received a picture of this guy whose name began with a J. I emailed Uber about him and informed them that oddly; No picture ever came through for this guy. I am once again alarmed and trying to figure our, “What is going on?” Why would this person not have not have a picture? And why was he also wearing those shades? Now all of the Uber Eats people wear Men in Black shades suddenly. Ok.

I cannot consume this custom beverage until I know it was him and right now, forget about it. If it was a stalker that happens to be in my hotel and created some sort of decoy and took my food from the actual Uber Eats person than enough time has passed to created a picture with the cooperation of Uber Eats. FOR WHAT!

Oddly, my last order for dinner declined my card now and there is nothing wrong with my card. I emailed Uber again and ask if I had been blocked from ordered due to my concern or was it just an IT issue.

I do know this, there is a stalker/hacker person in my hotel. 2 days ago they just down my Mac. Yes, they hacked into my Mac and I can no longer use it unless I erase all of the data. It is irreparable. This the the 5th Apple product to be hacked into and Apple claims it is not possible. But one person disagreed and explained how it was done.

Moving Forward, the Nate from Leverage looking guy even sounding like Nate form Leverage. I was amused. But I am definitely, right about someone else delivering my UBER Eats. It may not be the secret service but this guy was certainly and quickly scanning me and my environment and quickly. Uber has not yet responded about what appears to be a block from me ordering today.

But obviously, if my delivery is being blocked than someone wants me to come outside. When people want to see who is in a hotel. The fire alarm would go off. This hotel is not a Marriott of a Pacific Hotel that just allows undercover’s to come in and take over their hotels to pull all sorts of stunts, especially fake agents. As much as I want to drink this item. I can’t. Uber Eats, “Where is J’s picture?”

O.k., A picture just popped up asking me to rate, “J”, the last Uber Eats guy and the guy in the picture does not match the Nat- from-Leverage (the TV show) looking guy that delivered the re-order. Oh my. How did they know I ordered Uber Eats, if they are hackers/stalkers and not the secret service. They could have a mirror on my phone and have a hack on my card. I know they are already in my hotel but who can I tell? No one.

O.k., so if I drink the custom drink 2 or 3 things could happen. 1; It could be poison and I could. 2; It could be laced. 3; Jesus will not let me be poisoned. but all week long I have been hearing messages about getting poisoned and to be careful with who is around my food and drink. So, Jesus had someone to give me messages beforehand and if I drink it, the consequence is on me and Jesus to revive me. I am beginning to feel a little woosy from sampling the peach cobbler and a bit of the cake. But the bag did not appear to be tampered with. Then again, it is just a brown bag that is stapled. Oh boy, thinking positive. Maybe they are just protecting me from the actual hacker/stalkers, whoever they are.




Trying to figure it all out.